Male Sex Toys

Once upon a time, sex toys were aimed solely at stimulating and titillating the ladies, but now men can have their cake and eat it too! This range of sex toys has been designed by men with men in mind. From masturbation sleeves, to prostate massagers, to penis enlargers, to the world famous range of Fleshlights, here at Shiva there is bound to be a toy that will tickle your fancy.

Incredible sensations and mind-blowingly powerful orgasms are just a purchase away with any of our incredible toys for boys.

If you are looking for solo play unlike anything you have ever experienced, try a masturbation sleeve. These come to suit a range of budgets, from the single use TENGA Caps, up to the beautifully deluxe and automated REV1000, or the world famous, and incredibly life-like Fleshlights.

Or how about improving sex by giving your penis a proper workout with a penis enlarger? With regular use you’ll find you get bigger and firmer erections, improving sex for you and your partner!