Everyone needs a little extra help once in a while, and adding lubricant to your lovemaking can make it fun, more comfortable and even more exciting. We have a whole range of lubes, from water-based, to flavoured, to tingling lubes for even more sensation in the bedroom!

Added lubrication can heighten the senses and improve the sensation of sex and foreplay. With added sensation lubricants, these sensations are even more heightened! Menthol, ginseng and ginger give the either cool tingling or warming sensations as you gently rub them in.

Or perhaps you would prefer to try a silicone based lube for the ultimate slippery ride! Only a tiny amount is necessary for an incredibly slippery sensation. Please note that not all toys are suitable for use with silicone lubes, so please check before use.

Or why not try a flavoured lube for an incredible, mouth-watering oral experience? There is sure to be a flavour to tickle your tastebuds, and as they are all sugar free, this is an even more tempting treat!