Love Eggs

Love Eggs are designed to be entirely inserted into the vagina, and as such are very discreet sex toys. Some are designed to vibrate and titillate, while others are designed to work on internal muscles and therefore improve sex in the long run. Many love eggs can be worn while out in public for an added sensual thrill.

As well as being a great sex toy to use in conjunction with a partner, kegel Love Eggs will help to improve your love life long-term by improving muscle structure. This can be incredibly beneficial to woman who have recently given birth and wish to tighten their vaginal walls.

Or, why not give control entirely over to your partner? If you enjoy taking a few risks, then a vibrating, remote controlled love egg could be just the thing to add a little spice to your love-life! Once inserted, your partner can then have complete control over you, setting the vibrations off whenever they want to!